What are the benefits of TTS360? Can I go direct and get the same services?

TT360 provides a solution for clients who require a complete incident management service. You can always go direct, but by engaging with TTS360 a complete picture of performance and cost is delivered and where appropriate further efficiency and cost savings within your business can be achieved.

How do you deal with conflicts of interest if you are handling all aspects of a claim?

There are very few areas where a direct conflict of interest will arise; where these are identified we have alternative suppliers that can provide that aspect of the service. The services provided by all legal suppliers undergo conflict checks and the work will not be undertaken where a conflict is identified. In any circumstances where a conflict is identified and an alternative supplier is used to resolve that conflict, they will still operate to our SLA standards and provide TTS360 with the agreed MI which will be consolidated into our regular reports to you.

Are you a Claims Management Company (CMC) by another name?

Our fully integrated fault and non-fault service is designed to remove complex processes and administrative burden and provide first class customer service throughout, whilst ensuring that the overall cost of claims is controlled at all times. Our Management Information reports will provide the relevant data to allow you to monitor our performance on a regular basis. TTS360 brings a simplicity and transparency to understanding the complete dynamics of incident management.

Do I have to take up all of your services?

No, one size never fits all. That's why we build our services around our client's needs. Our incident management solution allows a modular approach to service delivery, providing you with the specific elements you need to enhance your operational efficiency, shorten the recovery cycle and control claim costs.

Is your First Notification Of Loss really 24/7/365, or do you outsource some part of it?

No aspect of our FNOL service is outsourced. TTS360 provides an in-house 24/7 Incident Support Contact Centre within a Midlands based office. We offer a bespoke service with dedicated client contact numbers where calls are answered with a specific client salutation. All calls are answered directly by one of our trained handlers, who record all information immediately into our Incident Management system. This is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (including bank holidays and the Christmas period).

Do you provide a service for Third Party Intervention?

Yes, we offer a 24/7 Proactive Third Party Intervention scheme where contact is made within 30 minutes of the FNOL call being received, or as part of the FNOL, if the Third Party is available at the time of the call. We expect to deliver an intervention rate in excess of 75%, offering immediate savings to our clients' Third Party costs.

Will the driver receive the same level of service whether at fault or not?

Yes, regardless of the liability outcome TTS360 will provide the agreed range of services and deliver an excellent customer journey.

Can any of your services be white labelled?

Our non-legal services and systems can be "white labelled" to ensure a client's brand is continued through our service offering.